Defining Nostalgia


You know another good show they cancelled? Drive. Sure, it wasn’t great after the six or so episodes that actually aired, but it showed the promise of being pretty good. Maybe there should be a sort of majors and minors of network programming? If you do well on NBC you get to stay, but if you struggle they demote you to the USA Network where you get at least another season to try to find an audience.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: So, nostalgia is basically a longing for a time or place in the past. Like you feel for childhood vacations or old TV shows.

TREY: Like ones cancelled in the middle? So the storyline just sort of abruptly ends?
JIMMY: Like Firefly?

HOBO: Sure, but you have to be careful. Heartless corporations use nostalgia to manipulate your emotions.

AMANDA: Like when they use a song from our youth to sell us a product?
MEGAN: Like playing "No Rain" by Blind Lemon to get us to buy car tires?

HOBO: Right, or throwing a Wilson Phillips song in a film just so everyone in the audience feels good when they recognize it.

RICK: I saw Bridesmaids!
VICTORIA: I love "Hold On!"


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