Ditch the Books


Consultants get a lot of work in education, but I’m never quite sure what their qualifications are. Mostly, they seem to be having the title of consultant. This is like bringing in a florist to consult a surgeon before a heart transplant. Somehow, it just doesn’t make sense.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: Why are we ditching all books for iPads? Books are practical, cheap, and easy to use!
CZAR: Our consultant told us to.

BEARD: What qualifications does he have to tell me how to teach? What degrees does he hold?
CZAR: He's a consultant. He has the title.

BEARD: It's just a title! Anyone can call themselves a consultant! I can call myself a "Feel Good Consultant".
CZAR: Great, I could use one! Everyone yells at me. What would you suggest?


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