Do It Yourself Hipster Kit


One-upmanship is always a bit humorous to watch. The problem is that the people participating never seem to realize it’s one of those childhood games that can go on forever.

For example, if you were to tell me you can eat six hamburgers, I could say seven. If you were to say eight, I could punch you in the throat. If you happened to be eating one of those burgers, you’d probably die. But since we’re both lying, the game simply continues with you kicking me in the spleen. No one wins.

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: If Nostalgia Industries is going to stay relevant, we need to introduce new products.
KLOWNUS: We call it our "Do It Yourself Hipster Kit."

MITTENS: Goatees for the men, and horn-rimmed glasses for the ladies.
KLOWNUS: Our slogan will be, "Beat your friends to nostalgia by knowing about it first!"

VICTORIA: The use of irony has grown so blasse.
TREY: I was into irony before it was ironic!


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