Domino Theory of Valentine’s Day


Of course, there’s nothing really funny about someone’s life spiraling out of control simply because of one day, but it is funny how much pressure we put on a single day. I’ve known people who would be depressed for a week about Valentine’s Day seeing it as some huge symbol of their failure in life up until that point, and those people were usually nine.

It’s just one day. It carries no more real significance than any other.

↓ Transcript
VICTORIA: I was really sad about Valentine's Day. No one asked me out, so I bought a big box of chocolates and ate them all. Then I got depressed because I felt fat.

So I went to the gym, but I had no time left to do my lab project! Now I'll make a bad grade, feel stupid, and never find a job with such low self-confidence! All of which means I'll never pay off these school debts!

AMANDA: I think you need a man, or a therapist. Go for the therapist--at least they'll listen.
JIMMY: We'd listen if we got paid, too.


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