E is for Interview


With the second strip we were still trying to find our legs while giving an origin story. We still weren’t sure exactly which way to take the strip, either. Was it going to be wild and off the wall like it eventually became? Or was it going to be more of an editorial style comic strip? Obviously this was an attempt at the latter, and while we’ve continue the latter to some degree, the strip has definitely evolved from this one joke setup and delivery manner.

These old strips truly show we had no idea what we were doing, beyond the initial concept. There are no backgrounds to speak of in the panels, and the characters’ looks have definitely evolved to something both more defined, and more stylized.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: All right, before we can hire you, we had to do a background check.

CZAR: I'm sorry to say I've been told you used to be part of a terrorist organization...

CZAR: ...one that caused untold ammounts of pain, fear, and suffering to individuals, as well as the economy.

HOBO: ...and I regret every moment I worked for Enron.


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