Fast Food Games


There’s trade-offs involved in any profession. People envy the lawyer making $200 an hour, but rarely the hours he or she puts in. Being President of the United States sounds like it has its perks, until you note how much they all age in even a four year term. Being a cartoonist even has lots of negatives, but I’ll have to get back to you on the positives.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: You have three PhDs? How do you keep your sanity working here?
CID: You make a game of it.

CID: Take this guy's order. A chicken sandwich with extra mayonaise, extra large fries, and a jumbo chocolate shake? He'll be lucky if he makes it past 65 without a couple of heart attacks. I, on the other hand, am in perfect health.

BILLY: But working in all this grease isn't doing your pores any favors.
CID: It's more of a zero-sum game.


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