First Female President


This is another one of those strips that tends to get people mad.  Why?  Some because they misread the entire strip thinking we’re actually saying what Billy is saying.  For the record, no, that is not what we think.  The second group that gets mad at us is the Billys of the world who swear they have a completely valid point.  They get really angry.

Female Professor is a character that pops up randomly, though we always wish we had more for her to do.

↓ Transcript
FEMALE: And it was writers like her who really paved the way for women of today. We may be thanking them someday for the first female president.

BILLY: A woman could never be president. Women are too emotional.
FEMALE: Billy, don't you think that's being a little short sighted?

BILLY: Shut up! You can't tell me my opinion is wrong! Who do you think you are trying to make me feel bad about myself? You make me so angry!
FEMALE: You're probably right, we're too emotional.


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