Forging Ahead


I’m sure someone will write in response to this strip that the Tea Party or Obama cannot be as simply explained as we attempt. I’ll just go ahead and counter in advance that this person is just a bitter Vanilla Ice fan. Move on, friend.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Professor, why would Republicans stupidly agitate voters in Wisconsin who will simply turn around and vote against them next election?

HOBO: You've read comic books, right? Heroes emerge, but in some manner they forge their own arch-nemesis. So, Bush begot Obama, Obama begot the Tea Party, and the Tea Party begot the striking teachers. It's cyclical.

JIMMY: Like how the Emperor begot Vader, who begot Luke?
RICK: Or Davy Jones begot Leif Garret, who begot Vanilla Ice, who begot Bieber!


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