Fourth Wall Resolutions


Okay, so fine.  David does look incredibly mean in this strip and Justin looks like the cartoon from a Sunday School pamphlet.  And yes, this is sort of a pity us with a laugh kind of joke.  It’s the holidays—lay off!

This strip marks the end of the fourth season of Professor Hobo and the beginning of the new fifth season, which will likely bring with it some changes.  So yeah, get real excited about that.  Not too excited, though.  That only ever leads to disappointment.

↓ Transcript
JUSTIN: Howdy folks, Justin and David here. It's the end of another fun-filled year of Professor Hobo.
DAVID: Yep, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did. Like you, we're planning to make some new year's resolutions.

JUSTIN: Like drawing something that halfway resembles what it's supposed to?
DAVID: Or writing something halfway funny!

JUSTIN: Hey, it hurts when you're the target of jokes.
DAVID: Dear lord, your arm is twice the length of a mutant's!


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