Free Gun With Kids’ Meal


Remember, only you can prevent sudden gunshots that there are no warning signs of…with another gun. Guns solve everything, including fixing the tilt of the earth’s axis. Actually, this isn’t meant anti-gun (nothing wrong with hunting), but anti the silly idea that guns can protect us in bizarre expected situations.

↓ Transcript
KID: Pander Bear, check it! I got a gun in my kids' meal!

PANDER: Sure did! Now you can prevent sudden eruptions in gunfire! Bang, you're dead! Just joking, I'm sure you'll be prepared next time. Bang, shot you again! Nah, just teasing. I'm sure you'll be plenty ready for your third mass shooting and manage to save us all!

KID: You gave grandma a heart attack!
PANDER: Don't worry, eventually you'll be able to prevent that with your gun!


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