Games to Meet Women


No, we’re not simply making fun of video game players. There’s just always something funny about someone creating an elaborate solution to a problem, but the basic problem still prevents the solution from working. This happens all the time in companies,

At the local zoo, for example, they had a cockroach problem in their rain forest exhibit. So they brought in some type of lizard to eat them. They ignored them, and now they have a cockroach and lizard problem.

↓ Transcript
NERD: For my game design project I created an open world environment that makes socializing easier.
SCIENCE: How does it work?

NERD: You create an avatar and then you're placed into one of our virtual date environments with a girl. If you conversation stalls, we have scripted events to jumpstart the date!

SCIENCE: This is amazing, but the online lobby doesn't list any women.
NERD: I don't know how to invite them to try it.


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