Gaming Nude News Now Network


This whole series of strips has been gestating for a bit. The original concept there, but the storyline was a bit harder to figure out so that could involved multiple main characters.

Do I think people would actually watch G4N? Yes, yes I do. I fully expect to see it launched online any day now.

↓ Transcript
ANCHOR: Welcome to the all new Gaming Nude News Now Network, or G4N as you're sure to call it soon on our forums. Go there now!

ANCHOR: Our first story is about those *BEEP* over there at SOny who lost all your data. Stupid sons-of-a-*BEEP* that they are, they probably don't even realize how royally they've *BEEP* up.

BEARD: Really? Kids like this?
MITTENS: Hold on, she hasn't even gotten into the No Spew Zone, yet.

ANCHOR: Tonight's No Spew topic is privacy versus piracy. Frankly, I...

MITTENS: Our ratings are already up 45% among engineering and computer science majors, and 55% among English majors who are just in it for the girls!
BEARD: Now this is literally making me ill to watch.


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