God of Grammar


There’s been a push for some twenty plus years to make video games “educational” so kids will enjoy learning.  From Reader Rabbit to The Oregon Trail, software has come and gone but the idea remains.  I’m not exactly sure why, except that kids like video games, and wouldn’t it be ideal if video games were teaching them something, too?  Of course, a game like God of War can teach you something about mythology, but hardly the same that you could learn from a few hours of reading a book.  But that’ll be our little secret.

Mr. Mittens looks so excited in the third panel.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: You designed a video game?
MITTENS: Students today are bored with stuffy lectures. Now they can learn grammar in an exciting, interactive manner!

HOBO: God of Grammar?
MITTENS: You play as Noah Webster battling the evil forces of misplaced modifiers.

HBOO: Why are you pummeling that thing?
MITTENS: Pummeling is the only way to beat the gerunds once they surround you.


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