God of Television


I often feel this way. Between innovations that allow me to stream content, and the fact that I can buy just about anything that isn’t included with a streaming package, I feel kind of like a jerk for ever being bored.

↓ Transcript
KLOWNUS: Ugh, there's nothing to watch.
BEARD: You have 160 channels of cable, iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon! You have access to just about every piece of video content ever produced!

KLOWNUS: Nah, it's too much choice to decide. I'll just watch a rerun of The Office.
BEARD: At least watch the British version.

KLOWNUS: I can't get over the funny accents.
BEARD: You'd be a god to people watching TV 30 years ago and all you do is waste your power. Charlie's Angels must be weeping.


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