Good Home


Something wicked this way comes, and its name is Dr. Klownus.  Actually, when originally writing this strip the Farmville online game was on my mind.  However, seeing the finished product I realize this could actually be a lot more disturbing of a story where she’s simply showing off some digital photos to him.

While we would never condone the actual harm of an animal (we’re both big animal lovers), the idea of sending cats to their doom is relentlessly funny for some reason.  Maybe because we suspect they’d do the same to us?

↓ Transcript
FEMALE: Look, a cat wandered onto my farm and needs a good home.

FEMALE: What did you do?
KLOWNUS: I found him a nice home at the violin factory.

FEMALE: You know this makes you evil.
KLOWNUS: I think we both know I had to already be evil to do this.


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