Good News Bad News


It’s always a little awkward to give a late present, but what do you do when the present’s been ruined?  Might I humbly suggest you blame night elves and be done with it?  Either the gift recipient will believe you, or they’ll assume you’re insane.  Regardless, since you’re giving them a gift they’ll be too polite to call you on it.

Poor Amanda, why does she have to be present for this?

↓ Transcript
RICK: Check it, Megan. I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want to hear first?
MEGAN: How about the good?

RICK: I forgot to give you your Christmas present, so it's a little late.
MEGAN: How could that possibly be the good news?

RICK: How long do you think a pony can hold its breath?


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