Gray’s Anatomy


This isn’t exactly highbrow humor, but it does point to the general lack of common knowledge many suffer from. You would assume Gray’s Anatomy was fairly well known, but I get the impression most don’t get the television show’s name as a reference. You know, Grey and Gray? Oh well.

I write this and even I can’t be for sure if Tom is stoned at any given moment, or just kind of weird.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Guys, check it! I found a porn DVD in Jimmy's room!
TREY: Gray's anatomy?

BILLY: They probably just had to change the name for legal reasons, like with the Merchant of Vanessa.
RICK: Or Queer As James K. Polk!

JIMMY: Surprisingly, they were only forty-five minutes into the disc before they remembered I switched to pre-med.


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