Gray’s Anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy


This isn’t exactly highbrow humor, but it does point to the general lack of common knowledge many suffer from. You would assume Gray’s Anatomy was fairly well known, but I get the impression most don’t get the television show’s name as a reference. You know, Grey and Gray? Oh well.

I write this and even I can’t be for sure if Tom is stoned at any given moment, or just kind of weird.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Guys, check it! I found a porn DVD in Jimmy's room!
TREY: Gray's anatomy?

BILLY: They probably just had to change the name for legal reasons, like with the Merchant of Vanessa.
RICK: Or Queer As James K. Polk!

JIMMY: Surprisingly, they were only forty-five minutes into the disc before they remembered I switched to pre-med.


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