Gustav Holst Walks into an Elevator


This is the only strip we’ve ever heard negative feedback from, and boy did we hear it. A friend of ours is a music major and reported back that several people in the music department were annoyed upon reading this strip. Oddly, the only people who probably got the Holst joke were the people who were mad. That’s irony for you.

No one who commented on this one ever bothered to question what two English professors were doing in the Fine Arts Building. Our excuse? Umm, there’s not one.

↓ Transcript
BAND GIRL: So I went home this weekend to see my high school band's competition.
RICK: Oh yeah? How were they?

BAND GIRL: They did OK, but it wasn't the best performance of "Mars" from "The Planets" that I've ever seen.
RICK: I totally understand. But the competition went well?

BAND GIRL: Yeah, they did a good job "Holst-ing" it! Ha ha ha!

BEARD: I hate riding in the Fine Arts Building's elevator.


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