Guy Shopping


There are certain tasks you shouldn’t help others with.  These include, but at not limited to, passing a kidney stone, disposing of a dead body, and shopping for lingerie.  These are one person jobs.

Poor Rick, he just doesn’t get it.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: Rick, you really didn't have to come shopping with me.
RICK: No problem. You need to get something good for Amanda for Valentine's Day, and I'm just the guy to help you.

RICK: This is what guys do. We help one another out on stuff. Stuff like this.
JIMMY: Right, and I really appreciate it. But like I kept trying to tell you at home, you didn't need to come with me. Especially when I was buying her something...

JIMMY: Victoria's Secret!
RICK: Don't worry. Hold my hand if you're worried about getting lost.


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