I’ve long found the Christian crusade against Halloween to be silly. The witches and ghouls are not in celebration of the demonic, but to scare away evil spirits (at least, if you go back to its origins). Are there pagan rituals celebrated? Sure, but so are there during Christmas. It’s really just a fun night for kids to dress up and get candy. It’s also one of the few nights of the year when entire communities throw open their doors and interact with one another. What could be more Christian?

↓ Transcript
PASTOR: Jabez, I've decided this year we'll celebrate a more Christ-focused holiday.
JABEZ: Heavenween? But Halloween is fun!

PASTOR: But the ghouls and demons got all the glory. So, enjoy some Christian Corn and help carve a Jesus O'Lantern! Now God's ever-watchful eye can see you from every front-porch in town!

JABEZ: That thing is sort of creepy. Its eyes follow me wherever I move,
PASTOR: Spooky, isn't it?


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