Holly Hopper


What a mess this strip turned out to be. We had far too many ideas and tried to cram them all into one strip. The resulting mess doesn’t work at all, and is barely even readable. You can’t win them all. We did fight with the newspaper staff, yet again, over the Tourette line. The eventual version that ran in the paper actually changed that line, making the strip even more confusing. We’re still unsure how a joke Jay Leno does on The Tonight Show could be “too controversial” for a college paper.

This may be the strip that breaks the fourth wall the most of any. First off, the fake “real world” Loree returns. Second, Rick draws attention to the fact that the comic is in black and white. Third, Holly notes she’s too short to fit into frame. If you’re going to do a bad strip, at least call attention to it.


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