How I Became A Meteorologist


This stems a bit from the rapid increase in majors in forensic science programs after shows like CSI premiered. Many students thought their jobs would be like those on TV. Of course, journalism programs saw the same phenomenon in the 1970s after Watergate and the release of All the President’s Men.

I suspect there was a similar increase in astronomy majors after the release of Halo.

↓ Transcript
TEX: Rick, I'm a failure. I can't predict the weather! Hell, half the time I can't even look out the window and get it right. Who knew that it would rain tonight?

RICK: Don't be so down. You got all the way through college and became a meteorologist!
TEX: It's not as glamorous as it sounds.

TEX: It was the 1970's and I was doing a lot of drugs, listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, and playing a lot of Asteroids by Atari. I thought I was smarter than all my friends and had actually found a career where I could shoot giant rocks in space!


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