I Got My Laptop Wet


I always like the idea of self-repairing technology. I think many people believe nanites already live inside of their TV and computer and will fix them on their own. For example, I have been asked before, “My computer died, so do you think I should do anything?” Or what? Let it continue to be dead? No, at least give it a proper burial at sea.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Professor, I got my laptop wet. Do you think if I leave it alone it will just fix itself?
HOBO: Why would it fix itself? Do you own anything that fixes itself?

RICK: My skin! If I cut myself, then my skin heals itself.
HOBO: Right, but depending on the cut you might bleed to death first.

RICK: Nah, the DVD drive barely cut me at all.
HOBO: Get that off my desk.


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