I Got You A Gun


What is amazing about those people who live in constant fear of someone taking their guns is that they are creating their own need to own a gun.  The rest of us who are slightly more realistic don’t need such protection for what we’re using for protection.  It’s like making an airbag for a car’s airbag.

In case this strip sets off any red flags for those in the government, this is obviously a joke and is advocating the opposite of violence–the ridicule of it.

↓ Transcript
KLOWNUS: Here, I got this for you.
HOBO: A gun?

KLOWNUS: Yeah, you know with Obama in office this might be your last chance to get one.
HOBO: I don't even know how to load one! What am I supposed to do with it?

KLOWNUS: You'll thank me when Obama comes to take it.
HOBO: Should I throw it at him?


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