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There’s a sadness to scrolling too far down on a story you’re reading and discovering the comments section. For most major news sites this area is a festering cesspool of racist, homophobic, and misogynistic diatribes. Most people don’t speak this way in everyday life, so is it the anonymity of the Internet that opens up this hidden side to the public? I guess, but doesn’t anyone have anything better to do?

↓ Transcript
KLOWNUS: I'm letting the world know how I feel about Tim Tebow!
HOBO: Does the world care?

KLOWNUS: Of course the world cares! Why else have a comments section?
HOBO: To get you to spend more time on the site. Why do you think the comments are stuck at the bottom after the interesting content?

KLOWNUS: Hello, Sports Talk Radio? My friend has this stupid theory that Internet comments are just to drive up audience!
RADIO: Interesting theory. What do our other listeners think?


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