Interpersonal Communication


There’s a movement to teach everything online.  I very much expect one day to see driver’s ed taught online.  This setup is only slightly less farcical than that, but scarily more plausible (in fact, I’m sure it’s currently occurring somewhere).

It’s difficult for me now to remember if Evil Beard has ever been clearly established as the chair of the English Department.  That’s certainly fact in our heads, but whether it’s a fact fact or not is up for debate.  Or simply looking through the archives.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Due to budget cuts we're going to have to lay off some of your adjunct faculty. To compensate, we're moving several courses online only. Here's a list.

BEARD: Some of these are fine, but how are we supposed to teach a class like "interpersonal communication" online? Isn't that a contradiction?
CZAR: I don't see how it will affect a biology course.

BEARD: You have no idea what that course is, do you?
CZAR: One less sex ed course is fine by me!


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