iPad 2


I suppose math is to blame for teaching kids bigger numbers are greater than smaller ones. Stupid math, always teaching logical analysis of situations. We should just ban it from the schools. And don’t think I’ve forgot about you science. When was the last time anyone need to light a Bunsen burner in their daily life? I mean, other than meth addicts?

I suppose they are both good for teaching logical reasoning, but I fail to see the value in that.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Dude, check it! I got the new iPad 2!
BILLY: Didn't you already have an iPad?

RICK: Yeah, but this one has a 2 after it--so you know it's better! Like Rocky 2.
BILLY: No one thinks Rocky 2 is better than Rocky.

RICK: Or Godfather 3 and Police Academy 4.
BILLY: I hate it when I can't tell if you're fooling with me or actually just stupid.


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