Yesterday was a sad day with the passing of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. When I heard the news it just made me incredibly sad. I wasn’t sure why at first. Certainly I have no real connection to Jobs. While I use some Apple products, I hardly consider myself a diehard fan. Nor would I be as sad to hear of the passing of many other corporate giants (not that I would be happy, either).

No, I think Jobs touched something deep in the cultural psyche. He was an inventor (even if often over-credited with Apple innovations). He was a guru of technology. He was an icon. He’s what so many of us aspire to be, and all of us admire. The reason I was sad about his passing when I wouldn’t be with others’ is because he was unique. Something deep down told me that we wouldn’t see another Steve Jobs ever, or another of his kind for a long while.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: My phone's not working.
KLOWNUS: Neither is my laptop.

HOBO: It's like they've simply lost the will to work.


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