Judgmental House


In case you’re wondering, yes Judgement House, Hell House, and their ilk are all real things that people actually put on and attend. Are they all really that bad? I’ve actually been through one of the Judgement Houses before (and yes, they’re different things), and generally I found it not too bad. Of course, this was a good ten plus years ago, but still. It had an obvious Christian message as one would expect, but not hateful like some of these apparently can get (specifically the Hell House ones). Now, that might have simply been the church altering the one I attended, so I certainly wouldn’t vouch for them as a whole.

Some of them, as the comic notes, are downright nutty in their behavior.

↓ Transcript
JABEZ: Hey guys, we're putting on a "Judgmental House" to celebrate Heavenween.
BILLY: Is that one of those Christian haunted houses where you try to convince us that sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll are bad?

JABEZ: Basically.
BILLY: But you do so by pretending to have sex while grinding against hot girls and blaring rock 'n roll music all night long?

JABEZ: *sigh* Yes, you can help out.
RICK: I want to play crack addict escort #2!


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