Keep the Dream Alive


I always found it interesting that television networks would do black history programs on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and in February to show they cared, but then basically forget the rest of the year. They had to realize how transparent that was, and so they had to realize we all knew. I always figured that was probably a bigger insult than doing nothing at all.

↓ Transcript
AMANDA: Happy MLK day!

JIMMY: Keep the dream alive!

VICTORIA: Ugh, I get so tired of everyone wishing me a MLK day just because I'm black. Most of them don't even know Dr. King wasn't born today!

RICK: I almost forgot! Happy Michelle Obama and James Earl Jones birthdays! I got you a present in honor of the day!

VICTORIA: A Darth Vader mask?

RICK: See, I'm Michelle Obama! The Force is strong in Barack!


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