I find a lot of tech amazing. Things like e-book readers (Kindle, Nook) and smartphones (iPhone, Android) are amazing pieces of technology. The fact that they more closely resemble STar Trek than any tech I grew up with is pretty cool. Still, to hear some people extoll the virtues of these products you’d think they’d make you a nice smoothie while directly inputting the book into your brain. That tech is at least five years off.

↓ Transcript
MEGAN: See my new Kindle? There's no glare, so you can read it in the sun!
RICK: Where did the glare go?

MEGAN: Wait...what? It didn't go anywhere, it simply isn't reflecting it like a glass screen does.
RICK: So if it absorbs the sun's rays? That must make it solar powered!

MEGAN: No, it just uses a battery. It doesn't need the sun to charge. Is all technology magic to you?
RICK: A battery that doesn't require charging? That is magic!


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