Kirsten Dunst


In college guys would say things like this a lot. This might explain the entire reason women are so insecure about their looks. Men are always saying some beautiful actress isn’t really that good looking around them. The women are smart enough to know they’re not as good looking as the celebrity, but stupid enough not to get that the man is grandstanding. Thus, body issues. The men hear their friends saying this and start to believe they’re the only ones who think the celebrity is attractive, thus distorting their view of beauty.

There, I have sufficiently offended both sexes.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Kirsten Dunst? Eh, I've seen better.
BILLY: You've seen better? Where?
TREY: Around.

BILLY: See, now you're just a liar. You have not. Why do you perpetuate this myth? Who do you think is buying this? Not me. Not any women you meet, if you so stupid as to compare them to the lovely Miss Dunst. Who?!

TREY: I'm so lonely.


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