Knife Fight


Method acting seems like a good way to get yourself killed. My art isn’t that important to me. If someone told me I needed to starve to do Professor Hobo, I’d ignore them and go to Arby’s. Sorry, but it feels like an Arby’s kind of day.

By the way, West Side Story is a very good film. I have nothing more profound than that to say.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: Two kids just danced past me while knife fighting.
BEARD: Yeah, the drama department is putting on West Side Story.

HOBO: One kid was bleeding, so I don't think they were acting.
BEARD: No, they were method acting.

HOBO: Is method acting really appropriate for this?
BEARD: The ASPCA didn't think so after last spring's production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


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