Kryptonite Crosses and Unicorn Tears


At this point, I’m not even sure people care who gets the Republican nomination for President. I think a large majority of people are just being entertained by the best series on television this year. You have plot twists with Herman Cain, and emotional breakdowns with Rick Perry. You have the straight man in Mitt Romney, and the crazy uncle in Newt Gingrich. Or maybe that’s Ron Paul?

Regardless of plot developments, I think both Democrats and Republicans are so entertained they hate to see all this end.

↓ Transcript
TV: We've killed him three times already, but every time he rises back!

TV: A cross made of Kryptonite? Holy water made from unicorn tears? Be real, man! None of this will stop him!
JIMMY: What movie is this?

RICK: It's the news.
MITTENS: Romney's strategists are discussing how to stop Gingrich.


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