Mall Security


This is our From Dusk Till Dawn storyline.  What starts out as a simple road trip eventually turns to a monster mash.  Well, sort of.  Still, it’s enjoyable to portray the guys as a bunch of cowards in the face of faux zombies.

I like that the guys remove their hats when it comes time to get down to business.  They’re gentlemen.

↓ Transcript
BILLY: Did you guys hear something?
JIMMY: What do you think it is? Mall security, or zombies?

BILLY: Or mall security that's a bunch of zombies?
JIMMY: Doubt it. How'd they fill out the W-2 forms?

TOM: Lazy zombies.
BILLY: Do you really want to anger the long arm of zombie law enforcement?

JIMMY: Why don't we just have a look?
TREY: Yeah, they aren't Scanners or something. They're not going to make our heads explode just by looking!

RICK: Zoinks! It's a monster mash!
BILLY: No, it's just a bunch of hillbillies line dancing.

TREY: Hillbilly zombies. I hate hillbilly zombies.
BILLY: Let's lock and load, boys.
JIMMY: Guys, I think maybe they're just hillbillies...


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