Marketing Speak

Marketing Speak


There’s always this type of person at every workplace. They’re not always in marketing–just most of the time. Why are they always so positive? Are they mocking me? I rarely accomplish anything in meetings with them around. I’m too suspicious, which is apparently the best quality I could possibly have, according to Harry.

↓ Transcript
HARRY: This is the best committee I've ever chaired! Who's with me? Come on!
HOBO: Harry, maybe we should relax until the actual meeting begins?

HARRY: That's the best idea I've heard all week! You're the heir to Steve Jobs' brillance! Now, who wants an incredible donut?
BEARD: Seriously, we all know you teach marketing, but you don't have to sell us anything.

HARRY: That's awesome advice! I'm making the most important note of my day here about letting everyone know of the life changing advice you provided me!
BEARD: I can never tell if marketers are oblivious or mocking me.


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