Marketing Speak


There’s always this type of person at every workplace. They’re not always in marketing–just most of the time. Why are they always so positive? Are they mocking me? I rarely accomplish anything in meetings with them around. I’m too suspicious, which is apparently the best quality I could possibly have, according to Harry.

↓ Transcript
HARRY: This is the best committee I've ever chaired! Who's with me? Come on!
HOBO: Harry, maybe we should relax until the actual meeting begins?

HARRY: That's the best idea I've heard all week! You're the heir to Steve Jobs' brillance! Now, who wants an incredible donut?
BEARD: Seriously, we all know you teach marketing, but you don't have to sell us anything.

HARRY: That's awesome advice! I'm making the most important note of my day here about letting everyone know of the life changing advice you provided me!
BEARD: I can never tell if marketers are oblivious or mocking me.


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