Mask Versus Hat


When in doubt, include a serial killer Muppet in your comic for some giggles. Of course, in all fairness, it would be funnier with a Muppet Baby, but we have to have standards.

I do sometimes wonder what masks are left for killers in movies? Maybe a lacrosse mask?

↓ Transcript
MITTENS: We need a mask for the killer in our horror movie, but all the good ones have been taken.
RICK: What if it was more of a hat?

RICK: Like, what if he was a deformed guy who mumbled everything and wore a chef's hat. He could say, "Order's up!" before killing people.
MITTENS: Rick, you just described the Chef from the Muppets!

HOBO: Frog legs and ham hock?
CHEF: Order's up!


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