Meet Benjy


I would love to attend a convention that pays equal parts attention to The Sound and The Fury, Lost, and Benji the dog. Alas, I suppose we all can dream. Seriously though, once you get down to the second or third tier of comic conventions, the “guests” can get quite disappointing.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Since we couldn't go to Comic-Con last summer, we're holding our own Nerd Fest 2012!
MEGAN: Benji the dog is one of your guests?

RICK: Nah, that dog has insane demands. We got the actor who played Benjy in the film adaptation of The Sound and the Fury.
MEGAN: Rick, that film is over fifty years old! The actor has probably passed away.

RICK: Good point. In that case, we should probably keep him away from the dog from Lost. I didn't see that thing eat for six years.


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