Giving your child a Biblical name can often be a good thing. Names like Mary, John, Joseph, Sarah, etc. are common and easy to remember. Of course, there are more difficult Biblical names. Methuselah is certainly one, but I’m more intrigued by the type of person who isn’t very religious and chooses a name at random. I can’t wait to have a student named Beelzebub.

↓ Transcript
VICTORIA: Jabez is such an interesting name.
JABEZ: All my siblings have Biblical names. My brother is named Methuselah.

JABEZ: Everyone called him Meth for short growing up. He was extremely popular back in high school. In fact, I remember people calling at all times of the night saying how desperately they needed him.

JABEZ: It wasn't long after then they came and took dad away to prison. You know, kids can be so harsh. Everyone stopped calling my brother after that.


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