Midget Child Beauty Pageant Contestants in Rehab


I’m as sad as anyone when I see the Discovery and History channels turning to all reality programming. But when people complain I always have to keep in mind that more people are watching these shows than the quality stuff I like. The people have spoken with their clickers. I may be frustrated, but luckily there’s a Pawn Stars marathon on to relax me.

↓ Transcript
RICK: Ooh, stop on this channel! This is that new reality show about midget child beauty pageant contestants in rehab!
TREY: Who watches this garbage?

RICK: I don't know. Stupid people, I guess.
TREY: This is what's wrong with America! Trash like this replaces good shows because people waste away their lives watching senseless carnival sideshows while their brains rot in their heads!

RICK: Shh, be quiet! This is the best part!
TREY: Wait, this isn't a new episode? I thought I'd seen them all.


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