Missed Exam


There’s an often a false sense of fairness that looms over a classroom. Students assume they will all be treated equally, regardless of the circumstances. Sometimes this works, but usually it does not. This isn’t a real incident, but it isn’t far off from some, either. I often wonder if some students would willingly trade places with those with real reasons for missing class.

That’s probably not a good sign for me.

↓ Transcript
TREY: Professor, can I make up the test I missed last week?
HOBO: No, you missed it.

TREY: But you let Kara make it up! That's not fair.
HOBO: Kara was in intensive care last week from a wreck.

TREY: She gets all the breaks.
HOBO: Actually, no. Brakes seem to have been the problem.


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