Most Dangerous Majors


Every profession brings hazards along with it. Some are just better hidden than others. Some don’t feel like they should be at all.

There have been a few confused comments on other sites about this comic, so me take a moment to do something I don’t normally and try to make it clearer. This is not a joke. This strip is not meant to make you laugh. It’s meant to be a little harsh. The juxtaposition here is that elementary education should never be a dangerous profession. It should make you uncomfortable because it is wrong.

What happened in Connecticut was tragic and wrong. Soldiers dying is also tragic, but every soldier signing up knows that is a distinct possibility. No one signs up for education thinking about their life being in danger. Nor should it be. It should be a wake up call to us as a society. Something is wrong. If it still offends people, then I truly apologize. Offense was not the intent.

↓ Transcript
HOBO: What do you want to do after college?
STUDENT 1: I'm a criminal justice major, so I want to be a cop.

KEANU: I'm in the ROTC program, so I plan to serve after graduation.

BAND GIRL: I'm an elementary education major.
HOBO: God be with you.


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