My Funny Valentine


For some people, it truly is the thought that counts. For others, it’s the thought that went into the thought. Happy Valentine’s Day.

↓ Transcript
JIMMY: I'm sorry Amanda, but I feel like kind of a screw up on Valentine's Day.

JIMMY: I wanted to paint you a picture in the stars, but I used a weak adhesive and they fell from the sky.

JIMMY: I wanted to grow you the rarest rose, but the EPA did not approve of my research.

JIMMY: I wanted to make you the sweetest chocolates, but confused flour for sugar.

JIMMY: I wanted to write you the prettiest love song, but ASCAP demanded royalties before I could preform it.

JIMMY: So I got you this cheap card, instead.
AMANDA: It's the thought that counts. And it took a lot of thought to make all that up.


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