Nation of Electronic Relentless Disseminators


I understand the branding aspect, but isn’t it just a little bit weird that we create cute icons to represent social media sites?  Isn’t it sort of like telling people that they can connect with their friends through this site, but just in case they don’t have friends–here’s a new one!  it looks like a bird–sort of.

Electronika looks like a girl I once took to a high school dance.  Bam, rim shot!  I’ll be here all week.  And probably a lot longer, sadly.

↓ Transcript
TWITTER: Mistress Electronika, we have assembled the Nation of Electronic Relentless Disseminators.

ELECTRONIKA: Excellent. It is too long we have fought amongst ourselves. We must unite and rise up against the fleshers.

MEGAN: That's odd. Facebook just Flickr'ed my Twitter.
BILLY: My Kindle sparked an odd flame.


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