National Audubon Society


I have a cat who I joke has won this award two years running. The idea that the National Audubon Society would attempt to mock one cat a year amuses me. In truth, it must be sort of embarrassing for any cat that goes through life without hunting one other creature successfully. I know that’s why you buy them toy mice and such, but surely they know better. I think there’s a business idea there–local stores you can take your cat to and pay for an hour of them hunting mice and birds in a controlled environment. Sound sick and twisted? That’s what they said about Google, too.

↓ Transcript
BEARD: What's wrong with him?

HOBO: The National Audubon Society is giving him their 2011 Cat of the Year award for ineptness in catching anything.

BEARD: Ouch, that must hurt for a cat.
HOBO: Yep, fowl praise.


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