Nature Intruding


It’s always amusing to hear people complain about wild animals in their backyards. They realize that they built their homes in the middle of the woods, right? Basically nature’s backyard? Nature isn’t even complaining so much, but the animals would like to go about their day without being harassed too terribly.

Think of it as buying a nature condo. You don’t have to like your neighbors, but they were there first.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: We can't build with nature intruding!
STEVE: Sir, I think maybe we're intruding on nature.

CZAR: Don't get all Animal Planet on me! God made man so that he could crush his other creations beneath his fine alligator-skin boots. You give a little to these varmints, and next thing you know they'll be asking to borrow a cup of sugar!

STEVE: This deer says he's hypoglycemic.
CZAR: So it begins...


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