New Car


Buying a car is a frustrating experience for most. You feel the dealer holds all the cards, and you’re just hoping they won’t take too much advantage of you. I also don’t understand why they’re always wearing cowboy hats. Is it just to keep the sun off them in the lot all day, or do they view us as cattle they’re leading to the slaughter? I’m guessing the latter.

↓ Transcript
SALESMAN: What can I do you for?
HOBO: I need a new car.

SALESMAN: Import or domestic? Compact or sedan? Truck or SUV? Gas guzzler or green as She-Hulk? AM, FM, XM, IM, or PM? Candy red or black as my lonely nights alone? Cash, finance, leg, arm, or both?

HOBO: Umm, how much is this one?
SALESMAN: Surprisingly unaffordable!


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