New Dean


This is a bit of an odd strip for us. The joke is fairly straightforward, if a bit dark in humor. However, it does mark the return of two long forgotten characters–Dr. Bones and Dr. Zane. Theoretically, look for them to turn up again soon. Of course, that’s what we said last time about them, as well.

Why does Dr. Bones have a tongue in his skull if he has no flesh?

↓ Transcript
CZAR: As you know, the College of Business recently lost its Dean to a freak outboard motor accident. I've called this committee to hire a replacement.

BEARD: Any specific qualifications?
CZAR: Well, for a Dean's position it would help if they ranked high on the pretentious twit quotient.

SCIENCE: How does one quantify that?
BONES: Cut them open and count the rings.


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