New Registrar


Poor Fox.  It’s easy to take shots at them, but for a moment might we truly question what horrible force infects an entire television network that would force it to cancel top quality programming?  Nah, it’s probably just easier to take shots at them.

President Czar seems to be desperate these days.  I think this is how most executives function—in total fear.  They’re always scared of someone figuring out that they don’t have it all figured out.  That’s why they parade in a steady stream of lackeys to blame their inadequacies upon.

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Unfortunately, this economy is really taking a toll on our enrollment. I'm afraid drastic measures must be taken to cut expenses.

CZAR: In an ideal economy we could keep all of our courses, but drastic cuts must be made. That's why I've hired an executive from the Fox television network as our new registrar.

HOBO: He has no face.
BEARD: He has no soul.
KLOWNUS: There's something very trustworthy about him.


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