New Uniforms


In writing a comic strip I often find myself feeling like Paul Verhoeven defending Starship Troopers.  Listen to him sometime emphatically deny that the film is pro-Fascist, and then wonder who could watch it and think it anything else?

That’s how we often feel with strips like this.  Of course Coach T. is an idiot.  Didn’t we already spell it out?

↓ Transcript
CZAR: Coach T, do you know why I've called this meeting?
COACH T: Is it about the new uniforms I requested?

CZAR: Not quite. It's come to my attention you placed a player, in particular a gay player, in a closet. Is this true?
COACH T: I had someone watching the door. There were no fags getting in or out of there.

COACH T: What? He kept requesting to smoke, and I gave explicit orders to my assistant coach not to let him have a fag. That's what little British twerps like him call them. Look it up! You're the one that made all us coaches take diversity training!


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